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Cleaning the Main Burners of a Gas Grill

July 26, 2022

1. Turn off the gas at the LP gas cylinder / main NG valve.

2. Remove the cooking grates and flame tamers.

3. Remove the burners by removing the screws securing the burners to the grill bottom. (See fig, 9)

4. Lift the burner up and away from the gas valve orifice. (See Fig. 9)

5. Clean the inlet (venturi) of the burner with a venturi / bottle brush or compressed air. Inspect the burners for spiders, insects and small animals nests. A clogged tube can lead to a fire underneath the grill.

6. Remove all food residue and dirt on burner surface.

7. Clean any clogged ports with a stiff wire (such as an opened paper clip).

8. Inspect each burner for any damage (cracks or holes). If any damage is found, replace it with new burner. Call Customer Service 888-287-0735 to purchase replacement parts.

9. Reinstall the burners, checking to ensure that the gas valve orifice is correctly positioned inside each burner inlet (venturi)

IMPORTANT: Inspect all venturi tubes/burners at least once per year or sooner if:

  • You smell gas.
  • You experience delayed burner ignition.
  • The appliance does not reach proper temperature.
  • The burner makes a “popping” noise.
  • The appliance heats unevenly.
  • The appliance has been stored for a period of more than one month.


NOTE: A good flame should be blue with some yellow tips coming from the burner holes. Yellow tips on flames up to .” in height are acceptable as long as no carbon or soot deposits appear.

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